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Amana did it again!

PMI AC Amana Air Conditioning

Amana did it again!

Amana has done it again. Not only were they #1 on Top Ten Best Central Air Conditioning System in 2018, but they are now #1 for 2019. I have to say that this is not surprise to me. We having been installing the Amana Brand for quite some time now we agree with our consumers. We are very proud to be your preferred Amana Dealer.

Why Amana? We like the Amana Air Conditioning systems because it allows us to offer our customer Quality for there investments. Amana is one of the only Manufactures out there that offer a Life time Unit Replacement Warranty. We also offer our Amana Air Conditioning systems with a 10 year manufacture parts warranty and a 10 years manufacture labor warranty. Now that is what we call more bang for your buck.


Amana Lifetime Unit Replacement Warranty

We feel that when your are shopping for your new air conditioning system this year, allow PMI Air Condtioning to provide you the Option of installing a new High Efficient Amana Air Conditioning System.  With our Free AC Second Opinion we can diagnosis you air conditioning system and offer your a repair option. Try us today.

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Pros & Cons Purchasing Ac units online

Pros & Cons Purchasing Ac units online

Pros & Cons Purchasing Ac units online

Pros & Cons Purchasing Ac units online

Purchasing Ac units online

Pros & Cons Purchasing Ac units online from some ac outlet dot something?  Here are a few Pros and Cons that you might what to take a look at.

Generally we start to look on line for about everything we need in life. When we are hungry we reach for phones to find a good place to eat. Looking for a great hair stylist we go online. When we are Hot we look online for a reputable Ac repair and service company. Most of us feel that there are something we can do ourselves to save some money. This sometimes ends up costing you more in the long run. Here are our Pros and Cons for buying an Ac unit online.


  • Affordable Price online
  • Access to equipment information


  • Waiting on delivery of the equipment
  • Having to find a Contractor to install your equipment
  • Having to register you product Warranty
  • Receiving or Purchasing wrong equipment for installation
  • Installing contractor will not honor labor warranty
  • Warranty parts not accessible
  • Warranty parts processing fees
  • Cancellation fees

As expected the Cons our weigh the Pros. Let me explain why. The Pros is of course looking at a more affordable price for your equipment. Seeing this of course provides you more information on the equipment your looking to purchase. Most of these sites provide you information and cost on several brands. I can see where this might save you some time rather that waiting on contractors to come out and provide proposal for your ac replacement options. Once that is all set and you’ve decided which brand to buy, now you have to find a contractor to install this system for you.

As a contractor I will tell you this part wont be that easy. The reason we sell and warranty system we sell is because of our arrangements with the manufactures and or distributors of the AC systems we carry. PMI Air Conditioning is a York Liberties Plus Dealer. This mean that we go straight to the manufacture of our equipment’s and parts. This allow’s to provide our labor warranty for systems we install (5 Year Labor Warranty) because of our relationship with the manufacture. PMI Air Conditioning can not provide this guarantee with a system we do not have a manufacture relationship with. We can not guarantee that system has not been damaged in transportation/delivery to your home.

Warranty registration. Most of these sites online that outlet AC systems require you to register you purchased equipment through them.  In fact here is an excerpt that I found of one of these online stores =

Warranty Registrations:

Please submit the following information to warranty@websiteemail:

1. Your Name and Order Number
2. Installation Address
3. Installing Contractor Business Name, Phone Number and Address
4. Copy of Invoice / Receipt of Installation or for Installers – Copy of Installers License / Certification
5. Installation Date
6. Model Number(s) and Corresponding Serial Number(s)

The (website name) will back up 100% of the Parts Warranty offered by the manufacturer for the units purchased from us (Labor and Refrigerant are not part of this coverage). This assures piece of mind after the purchase of Air Conditioning and Heating products.

Please Note: Warranty Parts are nonrefundable once purchased. The only way to receive reimbursement for your Warranty Claim is by returning the defective part removed from service within 30 days. If an incorrect part is diagnosed by your installer and purchased, it is not returnable under any circumstance.

All compressors and coils (evaporator or condensing) replaced under warranty, after 1 Year in service, are subject to a $50 processing fee.

The(Website name) offers wholesale prices to consumers, why not promote self installation?

While there is an opportunity to sell much more product by promoting self installation, we believe that the only way customers can be certain of full warranty protection is having your system installed by HVAC professionals.

These steps ensure that all HVAC products are installed properly, in compliance with applicable laws, rules and codes, and in a manner that addresses safety concerns.

 If a part should fail how do I obtain the warranty replacement?

Warranty Claims require a completed AC Outlet Warranty Claim Form. Once we have received proper documentation, we will issue you a Warranty Authorized Return Number (WAR). The WAR Number issued MUST be noted on your package in order for our warehouse to accept the package. ALL OTHER PACKAGES WILL BE REFUSED. Any Honeywell products, if found to be defective, require a Honeywell Case Number which will be confirmed prior to issuance of a WAR Number.

What we can tell that is certain that any brand that your decide to purchase should function properly as long as the installing contractor install it properly. Its the piece of mind that when such a repair is needed that Company you choose to buy your new AC system will come out and do right by you and service/warranty your Air Conditioning system, that makes the difference.



Getting your AC ready for the Summer.

Pre-Summer AC Tune Up

Pre-Summer AC Tune Up

Getting your AC ready for the Summer

Pre-Summer AC Tune Up

Ok the summer is coming, are your ready? Here at PMI Air Conditioning we recommend our Pre-Summer AC Tune Up service. Our systems have been cooling us through out our cool season and I know we have been very happy with our energy cost. I have even seen some of my neighbors with there windows open because it has been so cool. Now that the Summer is coming how can we keep our energy cost down? Here are some tips on how to do just that, keeping you cooling cost down.

  1. Keep Your AC Filter Clean – We recommend to replace your filter every thirty days. Something as simple as a clean filter can save you money. A dirty filter can cause your indoor unit fan motor to work harder in turn pulling more amps. It can also cause you evaporator coil to freeze causing the system to not cool and raise your energy consumption.
  2. Keep Your Outside unit Clean – Keeping your outside unit clean is very important. The coils on that unit needs to pull in as much air as possible. Leaves and grass clippings can clog your coil making the system work harder and pull more amps.
  3. Thermostat Control – First check your batteries on your thermostat. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your batteries, change it. Second, try not to fluctuate your setting no more than 2 degrees. This will help reduce your energy cost.
  4. Check Your Attic Insulation – Checking you attic insulation for flat spots. Keeping the Heat out will allow your thermostat to register a cool temp keeping you compressor off and only turning on when needed.
  5. Make Sure Your Windows are Sealed – Check your windows for a loss of air. One way to make sure you don’t loss energy through windows is to re-weather strip you existing windows. Look for cracks and opening.

These five steps will help you keep your energy consumption down this Summer. Now as to how we can help keep your unit running this Summer, schedule your Pre-Summer AC Tune Up Service for $89.00. 

Included in our service:

  • Drain line flush – To avoid condensation over flow or float switch system cut off.
  • Check refrigerant levels (one pound of 410A refrigerant included) – Keeps your unit cooling efficiently.
  • Outside unit coil clean – Keeps outside unit working efficiently.
  • Mechanical and Electrical components check – Verifying all systems are working properly looking for ware on wires and components.
  • Inside coil check – Inspecting your inside coil to make sure it is clean.
  • Check Thermostat – Inspect thermostat calibration.
  • Check Duct work for Air loss – Making sure that your are not loosing energy in your attic.

Call today at 954.379.4020 to schedule or speak to the Manager, Esteban at 561.756.5545. 


AC Installation Free AC Estimate

Thermostat Options


AC Installation Free AC Estimate

Wifi Smart Thermostat or Standard Thermostat which is best?

AC Installation Free AC Estimate

What is the Benefit of installing a new wifi smart thermostat with your new high efficiency air conditioning system?  Well let me explain. Today most new 16 seer and up systems are being manufactured with all the bells and whistles, which means new hi-tech control boards.  Some of these new hi-tech control board have been designed to work with wifi or communicating thermostats. This does not mean that a standard digital thermostat will not work with your new AC unit. It will work just fine, but you are missing out on other features that compliment you new AC unit. These are some of the benefits of having a Wifi Smart Thermostat.

  • Keeping on eye on your home or homes.  Your smart thermostat is like a window to your home. With a cellphone or computer you can see if your home is cooling and if its not you can get in contact with a service company to get it serviced immediately.  Got a second home? A smart thermostat is a great way to confirm the place is running smoothly while you’re away.
  • Adjusting your temp from just about anywhere.  If your coming home early from work or heading home from the airport you can adjust you home temperature to be nice and comfortable before arrival.  With your mobile device you’ve got control of your thermostat!
  • Emailed Alerts.  Most new Smart Thermostats come with a feature that will alert you if your home temp is rising outside of your temp set point.  If your thermostat is disconnected from its network, perhaps due to a power outage, you can be notified of that, too. The great thing about these alerts is that they not only help you save energy (and money), but they preserve the life of your AC system.
  • Smart Reports  Depending on which smart thermostat you install, you may receive helpful reports through its app. These reports let you keep a watch on your energy usage and may also offer tips on how you can save even more energy. Some smart thermostats will also send special maintenance reports, or let you know of a potential system failure. They can also help you prepare for months when your energy demands spike and cause an increase in your monthly bill. Reports are a great way to keep tabs on your HVAC system and your energy needs. Keeping a close eye on your usage, can save you on your next bill.

Call Today and Schedule your a Free AC Estimate for your new AC Installations

AC Estimate AC Installation

New Johnson Controls YORK(R) touch-screen thermostat seamlessly connects homeowners to their home comfort systems. (PRNewsFoto/Johnson Controls)

The New York Wifi Smart Touch Screen Thermostat

YORK® Affinity™ Hx™ Touch-screen Thermostat with Proprietary* Hexagon Interface

  • Complete control at home or away via your smartphone.
  • Stays up-to-date automatically through Wi-Fi® connection.
  • Seamlessly connects to any communicating or conventional/non-communicating HVAC system.
  • Pre-set modes provide quick access to alternate settings.
  • 5-year parts limited warranty.

    All the Bells and Whistles.

    • Industry-leading experience and world-class engineering ensures compatibility with both conventional and communicating home comfort systems.
    • Short-term, high-capacity heating or cooling to reach set points more quickly.
    • Pre-set modes provide quick access to alternate settings.
    • Wake from sleep with motion detection from 1 – 6 feet away, and make changes quickly with no-lag start-up.
    • Auto humidity feature automatically adjusts humidity level based on indoor and outdoor climate conditions.


Lets Talk Energy Efficiency or SEER.


New High Efficiency Air Conditioning

What Does SEER Means?


New High Efficiency Air Conditioning

New Home Owners find themselves faced with numerous estimates when looking to purchase a new high efficiency air conditioning system, and end up with different explanations on which high efficiency unit is the best one for them. One thing that sticks out more to home owners and what they are not sure of is the SEER Rating. What does SEER mean?  SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

Since heating and cooling units use more energy than any other system in the home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, the choice of SEER level makes a big difference when buying a new air conditioner.- Angie’s List.

What does SEER mean?

SEER measures the ratio of cooling capacity to power input, and the higher the rating, the more efficient the air conditioner is. If your existing system is 10-15 years old you may have anywhere from a 8-10 SEER system. SEER ratings have gradually increased in recent years, so a homeowner might seer a substantial decrease in the energy usage by replacing that 10- to 15-year-old system. FPL has a Heating and Cooling Guide that can help you determine which SEER Rating is best for you.

New High Efficiency Air Conditioning


To give an example, a 10 SEER 2 ton system has an energy consumption of $670 a year. If you decided to purchase the min allowed by code to be installed, a 14 SEER, you could be saving $189 a year.  The way that I like explain to my customers is simple, the higher the SEER of a unit the more your purchase cost is. You are basically paying more to save more. Now on the other hand if your home has more than one air conditioning system the the high the SEER the more you will benefit.

I hope this bit of information is helpful to you at this time. Please feel free to contact us at our office 954-379-4078 or call me Esteban, the Manager directly at 561-756-5545 and we will be more than happy to help you.


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