Save Money New AC System

save money new ac system

How much should you spend on a new ac system?

We are asked this question almost all the time, followed by how can we save money? How to save on a new ac system is not an easy subject to talk about. Here is our opinion.

First we need to talk about brands. We all have a friend, neighbor or co-worker that tells us that a certain brand they bought is the best brand, Of course we have been taught to recognize the most popular brands. We are also asked which brand is the best one. We reply with the same answer. Any brand you buy is going to work and cool….if it is installed properly.

Each manufacture has hired engineers to design their ac line. These engineers for the most part have designed a functioning system. The toughest part of buying a new ac system is finding the right contractor to install it. What your are really buying is the contractors honesty and commitment to make sure you new ac system has been installed properly.

The standard parts warranty of any ac system is 10 years. In South Florida it is up to the contractor to provide you a labor warranty, The standard is anywhere from 1 to 3 years labor warranty and that depends on the contractor. What we advise is to try to buy a system that allows you to buy a manufacture labor warranty. We are a York Liberties Plus dealer, buying from us allows you to get your new ac system with a 5 years or 10 years manufacture labor warranty.

Next we need to talk about Seer ratings. The minimum seer that can be sold in South Florida is a 14 Seer system. FPL has a heating and cooling guide that shows you an average of savings based on your tons and efficiency. The higher the Seer the more you will save per year on your energy cost, but the higher you initial cost will be at purchase.

Lastly we advise, never purchase on the spot. Research each model of ac systems that are being offered to you. Verify that the system will do everything that a contractor tells you it will do. Check reviews on either Home Advisor, Yelp and Google on the contractor you are interested in. Most customers will hardly leave a good review but will immediately leave a review if they were not satisfied with the install. Pay attention to the review, the frustration is usually not on the brand but on the contractor.

Let us be one of your three estimates and feel free to try out our PMI Free Second Opinion Offer.